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At HVD Life Sciences, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers to offer a wide range of high quality products that enable our customers to accomplish scientific advancements.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio. For more specific information, select your country of residence and/or the area of interest.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio for Austria. For more specific information, select your  area of interest.


Through our partner Eurofins Genomics, we offer a complete range of genomics services including DNA sequencing, genotyping, DNA synthesis and bioinformatics for pharma, diagnostics, food, agriculture, biotechnological and research applications.

DNA & RNA Oligonucleotides

Trust the validated performance of optimized primers and probes for common applications including PCR primers, sequencing primers, cloning oligos, real-time PCR and FRET probes; or define exactly the oligos you need through custom services.

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Custom DNA Sequencing

We support sequencing projects of all sizes and complexity, from single reads to complete double-strand sequences.

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Next-Generation Sequencing

Our next generation sequencing service is available on five different instruments, which allows Eurofins to combine the best technologies to offer you the optimum solutions for your applications. Each project is tailored to your specific needs, including sample preparation, library generation and data analysis.

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Gene Synthesis

We provide gene synthesis services for standard genes, complex genes or gene libraries in a highly sophisticated and streamlined process, which is also used to ensure the highest quality control.

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Genotyping & Gene Expression

We offer a full range of genotyping and gene expression services, including assay design, DNA/RNA extraction, genotyping or gene expression analysis, genome-wide association studies, data analysis and more.

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