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At HVD Life Sciences, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers to offer a wide range of high quality products that enable our customers to accomplish scientific advancements.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio. For more specific information, select your country of residence and/or the area of interest.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio for Austria. For more specific information, select your  area of interest.


Through our partnership with Alpha MOS, we provide sensory analytical solutions for odor, taste, visual and chemical profiling. Alpha MOS electronic sensing instruments are fast, sensitive, reliable and easy to use.

Odor Analysis

The Alpha MOS odor analyzers use different types of gas sensors to detect and measure a wide range of volatile compounds, with applications in research and development, quality control and process monitoring.

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Taste Analysis

In a way similar to the human tongue, the ASTREE electronic tongue performs a global taste assessment of a complex mixture of dissolved organic or inorganic compounds. The electronic tongue not only assesses basic tastes (sweet, bitter, sour, salty, umami) but also all other gustatory components (metallic, pungent, astringent, etc).

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Visual Analysis

IRIS electronic visual analyzer measures the color and shape of products in a single analysis, thanks to high resolution imaging under controlled lighting and imaging conditions.

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Electronic Nose

Electronic Tongue

Electronic Eye