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At HVD Life Sciences, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers to offer a wide range of high quality products that enable our customers to accomplish scientific advancements.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio. For more specific information, select your country of residence and/or the area of interest.

Shown below is the entire HVD Life Sciences portfolio for Austria. For more specific information, select your  area of interest.


Through our partnership with Cytiva formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences, you have access to a vast portfolio from one of the world’s leading suppliers to the life sciences. These products deliver high quality and performance for a complete range of applications from basic research through drug discovery, development, biobanking, and high-volume production.

DNA & RNA Research

Prepare, purify, and amplify gene targets for cloning, sequencing, gene expression, or genotyping. Our Cytiva products for DNA & RNA research deliver high performance for a wide range of nucleic acid analysis technologies include blotting, DNA sequencing, gene editing, microarrays, molecular imaging, RNA interference, and spectrophotometry.
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Manufacture high-quality biologics, from pilot to production-scale, with our Cytiva portfolio of bioreactors, large-scale cell culture products, chromatography systems, and filtration devices. We enable upstream and downstream bioprocessing in applications including monoclonal antibody development and production, biosimilars, vaccine development and production, and blood plasma fractionation.
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Whatman Filters , Sample Collection & RAPID DNA Analysis

Filter, collect, purify, transport, and store your highest quality samples. Our Cytiva Whatman portfolio includes filtration papers, membranes, FTA sample collection cards for biobanking, and DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis Systems. Renowned for quality that spans generations, Whatman products are relied upon by scientists everyday in practically every lab in the world.
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High-Content Analysis and High-Content Screening

Analyze cellular interactions as they happen, gaining deeper insights into complex cellular mechanisms. We offer Cytiva INCell Analyzer systems, delivering superior throughput and performance for analysis and screening of fixed and live cells to help you make better decisions in your drug discovery workflows.
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We support your complete electrophoresis workflow with high-quality instrumentation, precast gels, markers, reagents, and additional materials from the Cytiva electrophoresis portfolio. Our portfolio of Cytiva electrophoresis products cover polyacrylamide and agarose gels, 1-D and 2-D electrophoresis, Western blotting, and 2-D Difference Gel Electrophoresis (2-D DIGE).
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Western Blotting

Detect, analyse, and quantify expression of single or multiple proteins in a wide variety of biological samples. We supply Amersham Western blotting tools and technologies including ECL detection kits and reagents, Hyperfilm detection films, and Protran and Hybond nucleic acid and protein blotting membranes. With these tools we support protein analysis applications from initial chemiluminescent identification to accurate and reproducible fluorescence quantitation.
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Quantitative Molecular Imaging

Detect and quantify labelled nucleic acids and proteins in gels, using the imaging and analysis platform that is most appropriate for your applications. Our Cytiva portfolio of versatile and upgradeable imagers covers a complete range of protein and nucleic acid detection methods, including densitometry, phosphorimaging, fluorescence and chemiluminescence. These instruments deliver start-to-finish workflow solutions from sample preparation to analysis. Optimized to work together, these molecular imaging systems yield high quality quantitative protein and nucleic acid analysis. We offer full support to provide our customers with integrated, validated bioanalytical processes in image acquisition and data analysis.
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Label-free Interaction Analysis

Setting the performance benchmark, Biacore systems generate unique data on the interactions between proteins and other molecules, including small molecule drug candidates. Biacore systems are used in pharmaceutical drug discovery, antibody characterization, proteomics, immunogenicity, biotherapeutic development and manufacture, and food analysis.
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