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PRODUCT NEWS Gyros 05/2015

Gyros introduces Gyrolab™ CHO-HCP Kit 1



Easy to use kit
•  Optimized kit ensures assay robustness, convenience and rapid results
•  No need for assay development


Broad dynamic range

• Measurement range over 4 logs
• Minimizes dilutions and repeats

Automation and efficient analysis
• Reduces hands-on time and risk for errors
• Reproducible high quality data

Rapid results for data driven decisions
• 96 data points in 75 min

Ensuring minimal levels of Host Cell Protein (HCP) impurities from expression systems is critical during bioprocess development of recombinant therapeutic antibodies. Residual HCP is routinely measured using ELISA with polyclonal antibodies, but ELISA suffers from narrow dynamic range, long turnaround time, and often requires manual interventions. Such limitations challenge timely analytical support for the development and manufacture of recombinant antibodies.

Gyros has developed a sandwich immunoassay kit
specific for Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) HCP impurities, with performance characteristics that address many of
the limitations of ELISA. The kit broadens the analytical range from typically two orders of magnitude to four, thereby simplifying spike recovery and dilution linearity experiments. The automation on Gyrolab system enables 96 data points to be generated in approximately 75 minutes and without manual intervention.

The kit contains all the reagents needed to perform the assay, including HCP antigen for spike recovery experiments. The capture and detection reagents are pre-labeled with biotin and a fluorophore, respectively, and are ready to use after a simple dilution to the optimal concentration. The results are evaluated using Gyrolab Evaluator software. The kit is compatible with GyrolabTM xP workstation and Gyrolab xPloreTM.

Gyrolab CHO-HCP kit 1 builds on 15 years of know-how in Gyrolab assay development combined with close customer collaboration to meet the demanding requirements of HCP impurity testing.

See more information and download the product sheet at gyros.com